What is an Albergo Diffuso (Widespread Hotel)

The widespread hotel is a concept that was born for housing tourist inside of a residential area, offering them the traditional service of a normal hotel, but without giving up the charm of living inside the community. The guest of the Albergo Diffuso in fact has the chance to live the territory as tourist but also as a villager, an innovative way of living the travel experience that merges the landscape and the culture that develops inside of it.

Nature`s guests

Taking a holiday in our Albergo Diffuso means to be guest of Nature, of its colours, perfumes and atmosphere. The district of Socchieve is form by 8 small villages, and is surrounded by a network of thick paths, from the most different complexity, from a simple walking trail to a challenging path, perfect for every kind of walker. Flora and fauna are here presents in its greatest possible diversity, and they will receive you with its eternal charm.

Where is Socchive district?

Socchieve is located in the mountain area of the High Fruili, known as Carnia, and it lays out from the Friulan Dolomites to the Pesarine Dolomites, in the valley that connects Villa Santina to Forni di Sotto. It can be easily reach from Tolmezzo (A23 Carnia exit), going up on the ss. 52, from the Cadore across the same road that goes into Fruili at Forni di Sopra, or from the secondary roads, such as the curvy ss.552 from the Rest Mountain from Tramonti and the local road of Preone from the Val d'Arzino.


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Chi vive in modo frenetico non si rende conto che l’equilibrio si trova dentro ognuno di noi: basta cercarlo, diventare più consapevoli delle nostre risorse personali


Albergo Diffuso “Col Gentile” the structure

The partnership that manage the Albergo Diffuso is form by the owners of the residences. The project, that was partially finance with the resources of the European Program of the Fruili Venezia Giulia Region, has allow the restoration of buildings otherwise abandoned, in order to guarantee a quality environment to the visitor and at the same time, to preserve the nature and the regular life of the small towns in the mountains. During the restoring process the partners decided to put a medium­high level of trimmings, to guarantee an adequate quality standard, and each accommodation has been equipped with a kitchen and an independent bathroom. Furthermore, the wide reception room is able for hosting business reunions and conference in an exclusive quite environment.


  •   8 residences
  •   86 beds
  •   Recently restorations
  •   15 independent accommodations
  •   Central reception
  •   Conference room
  •   Convention with restaurants and other services
  •   Cleaning service.


watch the video that was shot by piccolagrandeitalia.tv in 2011 (duration 16 minutes) video

Find a flower

The area of the Socchieve district has a difference of altitude that goes from the 400 meters to 2000 meters from the sea level, this huge difference of heigh and natural environment, allows the development of an extraordinary variety of local flora and fauna. Alone or accompanied you can come to admire the animals, the woods, the streams and the mountain orchids, for which we have safe place of honour in the logo. And if you find a flower you have never seen, you can learn its name. QUI

What to do at Socchieve



We have selected for you some cycling course that can be reached from ours residences.

Trekking Approfondisci

Without leaving the area of the district, we propose you some trekking course for moving, getting to know the territory and breathing the perfume of the mountain. And if you are an experience walker there are also some real hard trekking course...

Art and culture Approfondisci

The pearls of art at Socchieve, a visit as an excuse to learn more about our district's culture, its history and its future.

Visit Carnia Approfondisci

Non only Socchieve, Carnia is a marvel puzzle willing to be recompose in front of your eyes.

A different holiday

Captivated by living in the mountains between the people and the nature of Carnia.