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At the reception Diffuso Socchieve "Col Gentile." is available the route map of the town.


Carnia is a hodgepodge of small towns, distributed on 4 wide valleys that stretches out from Tolmezzo: But Valley, Chiarsò Valley, Degano Valley and Tagliamento Valley. On which other 4 minor valleys are inserted (Valcalda, Lumiei Valley, Pesarina Valley and Pontaiba Valley), generating a variety of environments and cultures that has become for the tourist a rich field of emotions. The guest of the  Albergo Diffuso “Col Gentile”of Socchieve has got many options, that goes from the nearest ones, Enemonzo, Preone, Ampezzo, Forni di Sopra and Sauris, this last one is known also as the Fruilan Dolomites Pearl, until the distant and traditional Paularo, known for its Mistirs Festival; and without forgetting the Valley of the Time, the nickname that receives the  Pesaris Valley do to its  world famous clocks, and the healthy Arta Terme,  thermal zone since the Roman times, as the nearby Roman Forum of Zuglio testifies; and also the famous Zoncolan, the skiing and biking mountain, at whose feets is located the fascinating village/town of Sutrio. Concluding with Raveo and Pani's zone, Forni Avoltri with its mushrooms and its forests, Palluza and Comeglians with the Moscarda Tower and the ruins of the war at Pal Piccolo.

Carnia has got an small territory with just the 15,6% of the Region of Fruili Venezia Giulia, but actually it is a place full of surprises and magic spots, on which different Carnic dialects and minority languages are spoken: a land to discover and in a few words, to love.


The gorge of Lumiei

Recently insert on the website of Turismo FVG, the gorge of Lumiei is a canal on which the stream sinks creating spectaculars glimpses visible to experts trekkers and canyoning lovers., the path, one of the most amazing and suggestive of Carnia, used to connect Ampezzo to the town of Sauris, and it's now accessible also thanks to a metallic bridge, from which you can live the emotions that only the magical reunion of water and stones can give you. link Friulincanyon

Ampezzo, A. Unfer Palace

The nearby Ampezzo, with its proud history demonstrated on the unique historical fact of the Carnia's Free Republic, can be studied at the A. Unfer Palace. The building placed at the town centre, hosts the Geological Museum of Carnia, part of the Carnia's Museums network, that exposes rocks and fossils from Carnia, defined as “one of the few zones in Europe, on which the geological and palaeontological heritage is completely preserved”. The exhibition itinerary counts with specials activities for children and the abundance of fossils exposed will amaze you. In other, the Unfer Palace hosts also the gallery of one of the most representative painting artist of Carnia, Marco Davanzo (1872-1955), that with his enormous talent was able to paint his Carnia, using the atmosphere and the crystal-light of the mountain's air.

Preone and its valley

The small town of Preone is just a few kilometres away from Socchieve, and it's placed at the beginning of a valley that seems, do to its geographic and orographic position, to be hidden away from the rest of the world. In fact, the Preone Valley is characterized for its peaceful atmosphere and the nature, that lays between two mountains at the back of the main towns of the area. At Preone, also the town with its houses and roads is a nice tour, and if you add the numerously paths, and the rises to the surrounded peaks (many of the fossils exposed at Ampezzo where found in this area), you can imagine the hidden treasures of thePreone Valley